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From the extensive information available, and our collective memory, Douglas has put together the story that has been waiting to be told of our voyage aboard the Lucette, after we sold our farm in England up until the time of her sinking and in the Pacific aboard the 'Ednamair'. We had so many adventures!

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' Survive the Savage Sea'
  The Story of the true adventure story of the Robertson family's fight to survive for 38 days aboard their small dinghy in the Pacific ocean, battling storms, hunger, thirst, danger, and death, after their yacht sank in sixty seconds, following an attack by killer whales. It has become the classic journal of survival at sea, and is used world wide by schools in literature curriculums. It will also be available for download in the following languages


 Sea Survival - A manual
The Robertson family survived against all odds. This is what makes their story so unique. Many people have written articles and made statements about their strengths and their attitude to life which enabled them to live through this disaster, but this this is the book that will explain the practicalities of Survival. To us it is probably the most important book, we are going to publish,

We know it has saved lives!

 Poetry by Lyn and Douglas
Lyn and Douglas have quite a collection of poetry between them. Some of it they wrote together, particularly the ones set in the raft during their survival experience.

 China Coast Hostage
Dougal Robertson wrote a third book before his untimely death which has as yet not been published. It is a story written with knowledge gained from his days as a merchant sailor in far eastern waters. He was up the Yangtse River at the same time as the Amyhtyst and came out just ahead of her.