MV Ocean Dawn - the home of Sandy & Family


"Ocean Dawn"
(as she looked before her refurbishment)

 We are Sandy and Debbie Robertson and our four children, 
Kieran, Alex, Charlotte, and Cameron 
We are living aboard the "Ocean Dawn" and are currently refitting her

 The Ocean Dawn began life as a fishing vessel and she came to us complete with fishing hold in the centre forward of the boat and the crews quarters down a very steep stair, into a dark hole at the stern. We spend every spare minute and pound on "Ocean Dawn" making her habitable for a growing family and getting her ready for our voyage. So far we have built a lounge and cabins in what was the fishing hold


Here we are at the farm, a year before we swapped our lives on the land for one at sea. All our children were truly land lubbers at heart.

When I look at this picture my mind drifts back to my childhood, I was the age of my middle son Alex when my father Dougal whisked us off on an adventure of a lifetime.

Now that my children are living in a nautical environment they already have a head start on my own introduction to life at sea.

Keep an eye on our page and we will keep you up to date on the voyages of
'Ocean Dawn'

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