Survival: A manual








 We will be republishing Dougal's 'Sea Survival' from this site and imparting some of the knowledge the rest of us gained from
"being there"
This essential practical guide covers

How to equip a survival craft
How to Abandon ship
How to send distress signals
How to treat for Drowning and Hypothermia
First-aid and keeping fit
Ways of preserving morale
Navigation and weather forecasting
Collecting rainwater and living off the sea
How to detect the approach of land
How to identify marine birds

 We are seriously thinking of putting together a special Robertson
grab bag with all the items we needed and used to survive
and a few more we would have liked to have had.

Survival is what we're best at, it can be applied to every
aspect of your life. Lyn thought that 'Surviving the Survival' was
just as great a struggle as the ordeal at sea. Indeed our story
has been used to illustrate an attitude to life that will bring
you through adversity whether it be at sea or on land. 
On our links page you will find evidence of this in the Psychology and Survive the Savage Sea category.